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Oswego Perch

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Hello, I just moved to Oswego..I live by the water near Breitbeck Park actually. I have been walking down below the park to fish with night crawlers or fathead minnows. I've gone at night the past few weeks for Bullhead but caught nothing (it has been colder though) nor can I seem to find perch. I dont think I can fish in the Marina there (Wrighs Landing) since the docks are afloat and there are boats in there now. I am just wondering if I am wasting my time fishing this area or if perhaps I am just too early. Last spring I caught a couple REAL nice Perch (10 inches or bigger) fishing right below the park in about 5 foot of water, I think I just got lucky with a school in the area.

For Bullhead I have nailed them at Ox creek in Fulton, and I even tak trip up to Wellesley Island to Eel Bay. But closer to home would be much more desirable :)

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