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Cayuga Friday and Saturday

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Went out with Zebedee for a little evening cruise and caught 6 or 7 little ones. Alll Salmon...couldn't sniff a Laker even though we tried. Had a great time a learned a few little tricks.

Here is the beast that Zebedee and I caught a couple miles north of Dean's Cove.


Then went out Saturday afternoon for 4 hrs with my girlfriend. We went 6 for 6 all Salmon except a nice 2 lb rainbow that was jumping and fighting like crazy. We also caught a 2.5 lb Salmon and a bunch of smaller ones.


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girlfriend outfished you again lol whens are next clam bake with the boys had a great time at derby w you guys wish i could of went the other night but ball games are almost done and then i have some me time thanx wayne for inviting me

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It was great getting out with ya and I look forward to doin it again! :beer: Sorry to bail at the launch so fast but I had to check on things at the shop. I couldn't believe those little landlocks hitting the sliders right behind the boat! :o

Tight Lines,


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