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Oak Orchard Launch

Gray Fox

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There is a free launch on the east side, which alot of people use and most boats will launch fine and depending on what time you launch can get busy. Then there is the state park launch on the west side, which I see alot of bigger boats using. Both launches are almost right on the lake. The state one is off some side roads but has signs showing the way. Both are right on the oak orchard river. There are also a few marinas that have launches.

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West side launch on Archibald road has better launch docks. The guide posts are at the end of the docks where they don't interfere with launching and picking up. The docks on the East side have the posts on the sides of the docks and they can cause some trouble with wide beam boats as they are in the way. They can be a real problem when there is wind blowing from the south or north. Those posts are unprotected and can damage stuff if you make a miscue on approach.

That is the only disadvantage other than limited parking there.

Both are free so far and have restrooms, the ramps are good and the walk to the parking lot is a little farther on the west side.


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