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Canandaigua 7/13

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Pretty good day today, nice temps, good company, good fish too going 9 for 13. First lines in at about 6:00, had 3 lakers and a short 'bow in the boat by 7:00 working the North end between German Bros and Tichenor point. Picked up 4 more lakers, another good rainbow and a pickerel before we packed up at 10:00. Yes, I did say a pickerel. He hit on the seth green rig, 2 colors out and second leader down over 180' of water! That was a first for me, and Ive been doing this for better than 20 years. Fleas were real light today which was a bonus. Everything green was good today, light green e-chip and chartreuse/white fly, dark green/black spinny with green/yellow fly off the 175' wire and rigger down 80. Silver/green/white stinger took both rainbows, Sutton 35 bouncing bottom in 110' got the last two lakers. Back at it tomorrow, but a later start in the morning combined with the bad storms today will make it a little tougher going.

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Things were slower today, as expected I guess. Lines didnt even touch liquid until almost 7:30, with a steady North wind blowing and me looking for logs etc from the storms. We went 5 for 9 today, 4 lakers and a smallmouth. Fish were not where they were yesterday, moved in shallower following the bait. The same e-chip and fly took 3 of the 4 lakers on the rigger set at 80', the other came on a dark green/black dreamweaver spoon down 4 colors. Had 3 kids on board, 12, 10 and 8 years old so they were reeling with the rods in the holders :rofl: not much you can do about that! Earlier start tomorrow, will be on the lake by 5:30 hopefully. Will post results if I get a chance before heading to Sodus for the weekend.

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