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What kind of steering do you have? I have the Garmin GHP -10 best thing I put on my boat, works at any speed even under 1mph. Sean

I too am ready to pull the trigger on an autopilot. I had it narrowed down to two unit.

1. Raymarine Smartpilot sport. I found out that they are on recall and Raymarine will not be shipping the "repaired" units until September or so. If you are buying this unit, call Raymarine and make sure it has been through the recall process.

2. Garmin TR-1 Gold. I am leaning towards this but this unit only steers your kicker motor...which is o.k. with me.

I have looked at the GHP 10 but cannot figure out what I need to buy as far as pump goes. If I have to spend an extra $1000 on a pump I am not buying the GHP10. My boat is a 22' trophy with Merc 125 OB. Manual hydraulic steering. Do you know if I would need to buy that $1000 pump?


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