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Total Hits: 7

Total Boated: 4

Species Breakdown: 3 Kings, 1 Brown

Hot Lure: Stinger Tuxedo

Boat Depth: 170-450

Lure Depth: 70-140




Started in the shorter water looking for browns amongst the massive piles of bait but couldn't get them to go. Started to slide and found scattered fish and bait here and there around west nine mile back west to Fair Haven. Our 350 copper fired 3 times and we landed 3 small kings just over 21 inches and all were released. We managed to pull one brown out in the deeper water. The brown came on a hot carmel spinny with a mirage siggs rigs down 135 over 350. We dumped to majors early off west nine mile. Both majors hit 240 on the dipsy over 190 on a 8" green chip with twinkie and meat. Both times the meat was shredded when we got it back to the boat. Its not Rhys Davis but the new cut bait held up really well.

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