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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:





Time on Water:6 - 12


Wind Speed/Direction:East

Waves: 3 - 5

Surface Temp: 76






Total Hits: 20

Total Boated:11

Species Breakdown:steelhead / salmon

Hot Lure: stinger

Trolling Speed: 3

Down Speed: 1.5 - 2

Boat Depth: 400

Lure Depth: 30

Made it out before the big winds blew started 27 line - couldn't get the lines in the water. I set the first rigger and as soon as i put the rod in the holder bam 5 pd steely. Ok no big deal I land it and put it down again as I am putting the rod in the holder I feel it release thinking it popped from the release. Wrong Fish ON that was pretty cool can't remember the last time that happened to me. The first 15mins we could get both riggers down. We had that flurry for about 15mins and than nothing. Circled back thru but it got quite. Finally after about 1 hour started picking away at them. Big fish of the day was a 24 king that ripped 500 ft out. Took NK rainbow down deep in the center rigger. Deep was 35 down really high temp out there today. Waves built up all day and we had a long ride back in 3 to 5's. Fishing as usualy was great :clap:

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