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The Bar 8-7 - 26 pd king

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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:





Time on Water:6hr


Wind Speed/Direction:West 15

Waves: 1 to 3

Surface Temp: 76

Location:Niagara Bar





Total Hits: 15

Total Boated:10

Species Breakdown:steelhead / salmon

Hot Lure: mix

Trolling Speed: 2

Down Speed: 2

Boat Depth: 120-400

Lure Depth: 40-80

Started on the bar with a couple shakers and one steelhead. There was a couple boats out there picking away at them but we thought it wasn't worth the effort to keep beating skippy of the line to poke at a couple decent ones. We set course north for the long drive out to fish 27 -30 line. 2 to 3 ft waives made it an interesting drive out. We hit one mayb 5 to 7 pd steelhead right off the bat but struggled after that. Finally got to our old marks and started to pick away at them. Excitmite of the day was right rigger goes off fish on, left rigger goes off fish on and dipsey goes off all within about 5 seconds. Lose right rigger fish lose left rigger fish, mostly because we coudn't get it out of the holder. Finally dipsy fish still on and taking line so we new it was a king. Maybe twenty minute battle pulled up a 26.6. Not bad but wish it was 30 LOL. The temp was high so it seems to make things tougher fish are spooker when 35 ft down is the break.


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