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Oak 9/11 & Oswego 9/12

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9/11 Oak

Trailered down to the Oak early saturday morning for the day on the count of slow fishing around Oswego. We fished from 6-5 and finished our day 11 for 16. Fished the short water early and couldn't get any fish to move so we began to work out deeper. I found a pocket of fish early in the afternoon and worked them until the turned on. Of the 16 hooks, 14 were on the dipsys with one and one on the riggers and coppers. 12 of the hits came on the same dipsy pulling a Siggs Rigs Billy V glow ghost behind a white chip back 260. Two of the fish we landed were good steelys and the rest were immature kings in the 10-12 pound range.

9/12 Oswego

We were in no rush to get on the water this morning but thought we woudl give it try since we were up. Launch the boat around 8 and started out making the decision that we were not gonna fish around the harbor in the traffic. We powered up and headed west down toward Burts Point / Ford Shoals. We made a few passed marking some fish in the 70 foot range. On the second pass the dipsy back 160 pulling the Siggs Billy V fly hammers and we were locked. After a good fight we netted a nice king. We made a few more passes in the same area and managed to pick up a nice brown and dump two more fish. Listening to the radio it was extremely slow, and after having a good day in the rain we decided to quit at 11:15 finishing 2 for 4. Heres a pic of the fish from today, no pics from the Oak.


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