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Salmon Tackle Question


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Hello, fellow fishermen.

I am new to the site. I have been fishing Lake Erie for over twenty years for walleyes and steelhead. I am well versed in the use of dipsy divers and other trolling equiptment associated with Lake Erie trolling.

I will be visiting the Albion/Oak Orchard area of Lake Ontario the third week of August for a four day salmon fishing mini vacation. I used to hit the lake on a charter boat twice a year, but it's been approximately four years since I've done so. I will, for the first time, be bringing my own boat with me.

Can someone point me in the direction of a reputable internet/catalog/mail order tackle shop that I can purchase some various attractors, spoons, and flies before I head that way?

Also, I know fishing for any species can be a challenge that can change by the day, or even the hour. I would appreciate any and all tips that anyone can throw my way to shorten my learning curve once I get there.

Thank you.

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borax,capts.cove and narbys are right at the oak and usually have the hot stuff everyone is having sucess with ,there prices are good and you get to hold it before you buy ....if it ant there you dont need it heck if it is there you probly dont need it but ya better get two just in case.... Ray K.

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