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Please share--www.greatlakeswindtruth.org

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Please visit and share with everyone www.greatlakeswindtruth.org This isn't going away. We all want to just concentrate on the fishing this time of year, but the vast majority of the public still get a "warm and fuzzy" feeling over these things. NYPA has recently stated that just because a county has voted against this proposal, doesn't mean it won't still go there. Please spread the education and FACTS.

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Public pressure in Michigan has got this bill introduced to the House. Only YOU can force the same thing in New York.

House Bill 4499 (2011) Michigan

Natural resources; Great Lakes; off-shore wind development; prohibit.

http://www.legislature.mi.gov/(S(jl2p4j ... 55cwz3pa55))/mileg.aspx?page=getObject&objectName=2011-HB-4499

(copy and paste the whole link to your browser)

Thank you for keeping after this Captain Vince.

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