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Cayuga 6/5/11 Sunday

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Got out around 7:30am and fished the same spot that Justin fished and landed 12. Couldn't mark a fish or move a rod for about 1 hour. Moved to East side of Lake north of Long Point and got some info from Lil Jake who was catching a fair amount. Fished another hour or two and nothing. Changed colors, depths, speeds, styles and really struggled. After about 3 hours finally got a rod to move on a slider with wonderbread spoon. 19" fat LL Salmon....nice fish! Then about ten minutes later same rod hit really hard and pops downrigger. I told my buddies "finally" something hitting a spoon on the rigger and not the slider! My buddy start reeling and out jumps this very nice Rainbow. About 4 - 5 lbs. He actually hit the slider but hit it so hard he popped the rigger immediately! Went a little further and nothing. Turned around went over spot again and nothing. Trolled to West side and had a few hit and release. finished up at 3 pm with a Double header of Lake trout about 1.5 miles north of Sheldrake. All in all we boated about 5 fish and lost 3 or 4 but it was a realllllly slow day for us and not what I was hoping for.

All fish landed came on down riggers and only had 1 or 2 bites on the divers but nothing landed on them.


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