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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:Brian/Bahtenda





Time on Water:6am-12:30


Wind Speed/Direction:10ish from the WNW

Waves: 2-3'

Surface Temp:64






Total Hits: 7

Total Boated:5

Species Breakdown:Skipper Kings and a Laker

Hot Lure: Lazer Spook

Trolling Speed: 2.2-3

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 45-150

Lure Depth: 20-70




We started out in about 80' FOW and worked North and West to 150'. Had rigger rods set at 70, 50, 40, and 20 with two pulling spooks, one dirty white boy and one NBK, all 28's. First 3 fish were skipper kings, one I had a release with no fish and when I brought the ball up the bottom line had a hitchhiker on it. We had one solid release that produced a 6-7lb Laker, which was a friends first trolling fish, and first laker...so that was cool. Had one more skipper shake a rod after that and that was it. Saw a lot of boats out deeper but a possible loose prop kept us from going any further. We ended up hitting a productive waypoint from last weekend in 85 FOW where we were marking a lot of bait and fish but had no takers this time. Added a dipsy 75' back with a 0 setting on mono down the chute (I know....asking for trouble!) with a hog wild SD and Silver Hammer fly as we tried to go shallow up to 45' and get in on all the browns I've been reading about but couldn't make that happen either. Well, I learned that they probably dive deeper on the 0 setting because it had zebra mussels on it when I brought it in. Yet to put a big fish in the boat this year, only had one screamer so far that got off on his second run. Hopefully next time!

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