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Fishing Report

Your Name / Boat Name:Time Wasted





Time on Water:7:00am-12:00 every day

Weather/Temp:hot sunny

Wind Speed/Direction:light and varible

Waves: 1ft or less

Surface Temp: 69-71






Total Hits: 16;18;16

Total Boated:8;10;12

Species Breakdown:steelies,king,cohos,atlantic,lakers,browns

Hot Lure: later gator stinger, 42 second, die hard NK

Trolling Speed: 2.4-3.4

Down Speed: IDK

Boat Depth: 130-180;150-210;160-250

Lure Depth: [email protected] wires out 230-300




Decided to skip the Red cross Derby back home and go north. Registered for the LOC friday night. Up at 4:00am 2.5 hr drive to the Oak. While getting the boat ready I found the power cord had been pulled from my port side rigger and the circuit breaker was cooked. :( Great! Decided to fish anyway and fix it later. We launched about 7:00 ran to 120Fow started setting up. 2 rods in and was setting the 3rd when my one rigger pops. I reeled it up tight as the fishh was on a cheater and handed it to the wife. The fish now sit at 11th for browns 15lb 2oz. :clap: Fished the rest of the morning with 2 dipsies one rigger and a junk line. 300 copper saw fish as did a 6 color. later gator, die hard, NBK

Talk to Dave chilson from the LOC at Narby's weigh in, told the issue with my rigger. He made some phone calls and saved the day. He picked up the part and delivered it back to Narby's in his runs with enough time to fix it and hit the lake in the evening. Thanks Dave We hit a 14lb king off that rigger the biggest of our trip so farIMG_2254.jpg


Steady pick the rest off the time with kings around 10lbs lost some screamers, can't seem to keep'em buttoned up.

I see from the post I'm ruuning my wire too deep hoping to find some more screamers and maybe land one for the LOC.

Thanks for your help guys. I come Up once a year and manage to get a few just from watching these pages.

7/11- Went back out for a pm troll. Ran the wires at 175-190 and riggers at 44 and 52. Did 7 fish in about 1.5 hours. Including a 12lb 4oz steelie for the LOC board and a 13 lb king. still looking for a major.


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