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Billy V

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As many of you know, I've recently gone to work for Elite Archery. Today we introduced our new logo and our new bow for 2012 - the Answer. I've shot the bow several times already and IMO this is the best bow we've ever produced. Check out your local Elite dealer as they'll be receiving the first Answers off the production line in the next few days!



Henrietta, New York; Elite Archery is adding the Elite Answer to its 2012 line up this fall. The Answer debuts with a redesigned two track cam as well as two module options, a smooth mod and a speed mod for those customers looking for different options.

“Our customers and dealers told us what they wanted for 2012 and we listened, “ commented Elite Archery President, Peter Crawford. “Time and time again, we heard current and potential Elite shooters asking for a 33.5-inch axle-to-axle bow with a 7-inch brace height and today we are giving them the Answer to their request.â€

Along with the new dimensions, the Answer has two different mod options available. “Our customers also wanted different draw cycle options on one bow platform. While all of our bows are designed to have a smooth draw and will ship standard with the smooth draw mod, Elite dealers can purchase the speed mod set for their customers requesting a little more speed,†said Elite’s Vice-President, Garret Armstrong.

The Answer is available from 27†to 30†draw lengths and from 40 to 80 lbs. The new bow is also available in all of Elite’s current colors; Realtree AP®, Max-1® and AP Snow® as well as the Ninja Black, the AT Editions and the target colors; Elite Blue, Cosmic Orange and Slime Green. When set up with the Smooth Modules; the Answer has an IBO speed of 330 fps and the Speed Modules provide up to an extra 10 fps. Dealers can order the bow in both right and left hand models.

The Answer is not all that’s new for the 2012 line up. Elite is also making changes to the existing Hunter, Pure, Pulse and Tour models and re releasing them to the public. All 2012 model bows will have an adjustable cable rod as well as Elite’s patent pending Rod Lock System

“The Rod Lock is a patent pending cable guard and string suppressor fastening system new for 2012,†explains Elite Design Engineer, Mike Derus. “Instead of a setscrew tightening directly into the rod, the Rod Lock wedges the rod inside the riser with minimal to no marring to the rod. It will allow you to tune your cable guard and string suppressor rod accurately and easily.â€

For more information on the Answer as well as other Elite Archery products, please visit http://www.elitearchery.com or call 877-503-5483. Media questions can be directed to Maggie Armstrong at [email protected]

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