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Mexico Point to Little Salmon River 3/23

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Fishing Report North Mexico Point

Your Name / Boat Name:Thomson 24





Time on Water:8 hrs

Weather/Temp:Clear early and clouding up later with breeze

Wind Speed/Direction: calm in the am/ breeze in pm

Waves: flat in the am / 2 ft later pm

Surface Temp: mid 40`s to low 50`s

Location: South of little salmon river





Total Hits: 20

Total Boated:15

Species Breakdown:Al;l Browns

Hot Lure: Thunder sticks / Smithwicks and Warrior spoons

Trolling Speed: 2.0 - 2.5

Down Speed:

Boat Depth: 7 - 15 ft

Lure Depth: 2-6 ft



Set up just south of little salmon river and got first fish as we sent the first line out to the boards. Got set up and got the second fish shortly after.

As we trolled past little salmon the water seemd to clear and the bite stopped so we turned and trolled south again. Picked up 2 more browns and the bite stopped for a while.

Later in the morning the breeze started and the waves were around 1 ft and it clouded up and the bite was very good. Ran a 6 inch spinny with assorted small flies in the prop. wash but nothing seemed interested so we switched to flat lines with warrior spoons off the back and got a few more browns. Warriors were 4 inch brown trout and superman. The stick colors didnt seem to matter to much but were black back/silver sides / orange belly and Blue back/ silver sides/ white belly & brown with dark brown vertical stripes with white belly & clown and others. For the first time out this year it turned out great and hope theres more to come.

Will have the boat the remaining of the year in Fairhaven. Does anyone know how the fishing is there?

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