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lower niagara

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In past years I have done better for eyes in the Lower Niagara River & Niagara Bar toward the end of May to mid June. But then again the water temps are 6 degrees above normal this year at 47 dregees.I usualy do best around 52 degrees. There will most likely be some walleye at Peggy's Eddy, Lower Stella Drift and the sand bar out infront of Fort Niagara.Most use worm harnesses,I have done well with Kwikfish size 05 in Blue Metalic(I take off front hook and tip one prong of the tail hook with a piece of crawler) use off three way rig.Being from Washington state I use what I used out there for stream drifting,from the weight end of the three way rig I use a 10" lead with snap through a piece of rubber surgical tubeing,then I use pencil lead starting with about a 2 ounce peice or more depending on current.If lead gets caught between shale rock crevices,you only loose the lead and get the whole rig back,just put in a new lead.

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