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crazy sighting on seneca sunday


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i was in the back of the boat when my phone rings and melissa answers it and it was ray k giving me pointers on where the fish was. 10 mins later i see the old tin can pegasus trolling by. yep thats right ray was on the lake all sprawled in the back of his boat, i couldnt tell if he was in buffy mood or if he had a tan shirt on. great to see you back out fishing ray

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thanks for the tips jason my pointer days ant been too sharp latley..boy and i didnt pull much outa my hat sunday or the lake either ..

twas nice to float around in circles had 3 guys out that knew what end of the rod to hold so i let them run the boat as i cought up on some beauty sleep, best as i can tell when i look in the mirror i didnt sleep long enuf..oh well maybe another day ...

ant seen that much bait on the north end this time of year sence 99 or 2000...

my one surviving brain cell recalled smaller spoons for those conditions. pretty much a morning late bite with midday better left for buffy fishing but my crew wasnt comfy spending 4 hours with blindfolds on ,and i stayed suited up ...

''Now that the pro/ams are no more ill take my 2800.00 entry fees and play on erie more often...

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