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Cayuga 8-19-12

Iron Duke

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Fished Cayuga out of Deans Cove ran south to AES set up shop on a north troll running coppers, cores, dipsys, rigs, and riggers... Flasher fly bite was tough only managed 2 nice lakers on the new blue Big Weenie Fly and caught a ton of 14 to 15 inch bows and Landlocks on coppers and cores but couldn't find any bigger off fish... We finished 3rd overall in the FLTA tourney we were in ... I have to say it was the toughest day of fishing on Cayuga I have seen in a while and not just for us.... Have to mention that Lakebound 88 and Hookedup kept sending me texts and pics of the awesome day they were having on Seneca Great job guys and can't wait to get back over there this weekend and possibly a couple days off next week to fish too....


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