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south end skaneateles 11/9

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A buddy and I launched out of glen haven today about 1 oclock with 4 dz fatheads in search of the striped bandits.

Thought it was gonna be a good day...first spot first drop of the baits and we had 3-4 in short order...

apparently mother nature decided to  turn the knob up on the wind as soon as my little boat hit the water as it got worse for the rest of the day

found the nicer perch in 24-27' however it was one of those days where you could not stay on them because the wind.

couldn't really sit on top of them they really wouldn't hit much and you could only drift through them but you only had a small window to get a hit ....

the fact that I left my bigger anchor with lots of rope at home on the toon didn't help matters much either.


it was a tough afternoon.. kept a dozen...threw back some shorties, landed a pickerel, got bit off, and had a nice smallie on.


It appears the wind will be even worse tomorrow...gggrrrr

not good for fishing or hunting!




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I'll add a report for the north end of skaneateles where that wind helped out the shore fishing marshmallow and worm combo! Fished from 11-230 today And my friend and I caught 4 rainbows along with 2 that got sinkers caught in the rocks and snapped off. Kept some for the table today. post-153304-1384056905623_thumb.jpg

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