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Firstly thanks to everyone here on the board for being forthcoming with the sharing of information, locations, depths and lure selection. It was invaluable information for a first timer like myself to help narrow down the productive zones and lures. From what I have read here, it has been a particularly tough season for salmon fisherman on Lake Ontario. My buddy and I headed out for the first time on Sat, in spite of the high winds, massive swells and rain. We only ended up with one fish on the day but it was a great one...19lb Chinook caught in 100fow, 30ft down off a dipsy set up. Beautiful fish...great fight...I'm hooked. Thanks again for sharing info, I certainly appreciated it and it payed off for me.  On a side note...we almost got ran over by a frieghter in the heavy fog on Sunday morning!  That would have ruined my weekend...




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