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Simrad AP12/14H auto pilot


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Anyone out there ever installed a Simrad AP12 or 14 hydraulic auto pilot. I purchased one for my new ride and I'm surprised at the lack of materials/information on cutting into the existing hydraulic system. As far as I can see I'll need to replumb the system unless there is a quick fitting Tee fittings out there and hydraulic lines for the return line.

Does it make a difference whether the pump and computer is close to the helm. Simrad makes bleeding the system complicated or is it me! Using 4 pints of hydraulic fluid to bleed the system seems excessive.

I'm trying to get my ducks in a row before the boat arrives and any help would be greatly appreciated.


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Dear Ken,

The reason you will find little help is "LIABILITY". Now insert a disclaimer!!That said, here is my best shot....

Please get me the code marking off the tubing on your existing system. If its a Seastar Helm (by Teleflex) it should start with 3/8 inch by.... I have a little surplus tubing and fittings for the Seastar systems. You must read the literature with your new AP and find the exact nomenclature for the Auto Pilot fittings...It may be BSP thread and not American Std Pipe thread (female). It took me several days of research to find the Seastar OEM fittings and correct tubing and a local warehouse...still wasn't cheap for the fittings or tubing. The small kits from Teleflex run around $100 now. And the bleeding directions are a pain, but correct. Be extremely carefull as very small particles of dirt can cause havoc with the helm!! Look carefully (Inside) at the bottom of the oil containers you receive. I have found VISUAL SEDIMENT & DIRT inside the bottles!! And Teleflex ignored my complaint! And you must use the correct hydraulic oil for your system,....It is not DEXRON or Automotive trans. fluid.. Let me know what you find....


Jet Boat Bill

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