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Fished Mexico Bay today 4/16/2008

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Hit the water by 7:30 am, fished with Rick Schneider and Don Aldrich. Headed west with nothing for our efforts so we headed back east from and fished Little Salmon to Grindstone Creek. Seven hours of trolling and we went 5-9 with one near 6lbs and the rest were cookie cutters. Water temps running 40-46 degrees. We could have started at 10 am. No heavy runoff from the creeks so to speak, but thats where the action was. Water clear under bright skies. Fished inside out, took most of ours in 8-15'. Blue and silver color seemed to have the most action with MS Emerald shiner next. Might try the MS Scorpions for the smaller Browns. Spoons definitely had it all over the stick baits. Browns were full of 1" bait if that tells you anything. I wonder about outside Oswego Harbor? Anybody fish there in last several days?

Bandit 49 :)

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