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SIMRAD - Canadian Kings Cup

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This was posted on pullers...thought some of our US friends would want to get in on this. Sweet 1st place prize up for grabs! 


SIMRAD would like to introduce the CANADIAN KINGS CUP, the highest honour among tournament fishermen.  Be the team to hoist the cup for the 2015 season!

Here is the format of this competition: 

•Entry fee = $250 Canadian dollars

Scoring will be determined using the 4 major Canadian tournaments: 
•Spring KOTL will be broken down into 2 single scoring days of a 5 fish box
•June Tightlines will be a single day event using a 6 fish box score
•August Tightlines will be a single day event using a 6 fish box score
•Fall KOTL will be only the Saturday score of a 5 fish box

•From 5 possible scores, the worst score can be dropped or use all 4 scores if an event is missed.

The prize structure will be 100% cash pay back as well as: 
•1st place will be awarded 50% of the cash entries and Simrad’s NSS12 EVO2 and a 4G Radar
•2nd prize will be 30% of cash entries (additional prizes TBA)
•3rd prize will be the remaining 20% of cash entries (additional prizes TBA)

•There will then be a single, one-day fish off on the Sunday of the Fall tournament for the qualifiers with top box taking the single prize

We have many other great prizes from our sponsors that will be announced when we go live with the website in the coming weeks.

**** The entrants (captains) are able to fish on any boat or have interchanging teammates as long as he is the one that carries the team name and the scoring throughout the series.  In the event of the captain not being able to attend the tournament, 2 members of the original team in the Spring can carry the scores. 

Contact and Questions can be sent to: [email protected]

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