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Safe Harbor Marina Launch Changes

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This morning we met with Dave Signs the manager of Safe Harbor Marina & Launch (Small Boat Harbor).The center launch between "A" Lot & "B" Lot is now Launch Only!The launch near the main building is now Retrival Only!Where the shack is where you pay to enter,will get moved over by the Fish Cleaning Station.The road way will be widened about 15 ft on each side leading up to the shack,with right side be the Get Ready To Launch Area and the other side will be the Tied own Area after retrival.

"A" Lot will be for slip holders only."B" Lot will be repainted to configure slanted truck/trailer parking with roadway being down the middle."B" Lot will be only available Monday Tru Thursday for truck/trailer parking,Friday thru Sunday is slip holder parking.There will be some car parking spots near the launch in the middle for Charter Boat Fishing Clients to park."D" Lot will be reconfigured with logs to make for more uniform parking and Shuttle Service will run Friday thru Sunday.We are still working on getting access to the Fish Cleaning Station in the dark hours.Once they figure out how to manage the key,nay be drivers license to get it and when you return the key you get your license back.It will take a couple days to get everything in order so please be patient,they are trying to work with us fishermen to make launch use a easy enjoyable experience.

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