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Hello all

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Hey, just signed up

name is Mark, I hail from the Niagara area of Ontario

bit about me:

from when i was 8-15 yrs old my dad & I would do a fair bit of salmon trolling on Lake O, not really knowing what we were doing ( basically just using 2 riggers & fishing spoons "naked", thats all ) we connected into fish with mediocre results

dad then sold the fishing boat

3 yrs ago I bought a 16' Crestliner tiller & since then have slowly gotten back into the trolling scene & I am HOOKED. Just been plaing catch-up the last coupla yrs with "newer" techniques & stuff that have been developed & such since "the old days"

Really appreciate all the info on this board & will try to contribute when I can. Nice to se some familiar names on here too.

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Welcome to the best site in America :lol:.There is a wealth of info on this site and the guys will go out of they way to help you out.

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