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Took my new (to me) boat out for her maiden voyage this morning. Launched around 6:30 and passed by the coast guard station as they were having their coffee. Our first drift out to the green can came up empty. I hooked up with a smallish laker on our second drift and landed what was our only fish for the day. The boats started piling in as we set up for our third drift. We made a few more passes but it was evident the fish are not in their heavy yet. 36 degree water all along the bar and no bait marked at all. We marked a few fish here and there but nothing to keep us interested. We decided to make a quick run to four mile and try for some Browns. We found some 37.5 degree water at the mouth and marked some fish. We lost one bite on a brown trout pattern yozuri crystal minnow. Two passes and we called it a day. I'm just happy the motor ran well, and we got the skunk out of the boat. Next time it's game on.


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Just curious, did you launch at the fort or Lewiston? I am going to try later this week. When I checked the ramps at the fort last week, there was a lot of debris blocking the south ramp.

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