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Hey guys and gals just a quick post to let you know something cool that was recently released.


Navionics has released integration between the webapp and your mobile app.  


I tested it this morning looking with an auto route from the Picton Harbour inn out to the upper gap on the Bay of Quinte.  If you were staying at the Picton Harbour Inn and wanted to make a route out the upper gap you can just go the and click on the webapp.  Make sure to Login. 




Then click on Route on the bottom and select "auto route" 




Once you have done that you simply have to drop a starting point and an end point.  It will automatically generate your route.  The total time, and fuel consumption is based on your boat settings so you can change that to what you use.  I cruise at about 30 mph and use about 15 gallon per hour at that speed, so that is what I have inputted.  You then need to Save the route so it will show up on your mobile device. 




If you now open your mobile app and select "route" at the bottom you will see "archived routes" select that.




Here was what opened on my phone.  I chose the route I had just made I could have named it if I wanted to. 




Here is the route once opened.  I can now navigate that route using my mobile device.




If you have a Raymarine your even one step ahead and your Navionics mobile app will push the route straight to your Chartplotter as soon as you step on the boat and your phone connects to the wifi on your chartplotter.  This is supposed to be coming on Lowrance/Simrad products as well but I don't know how soon. 


Just thought it was a cool development and you guys would enjoy knowing about it.



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