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Hey,,,lookin' good

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Hey guys,,,just finally took the time to sign back up since moving to the new board!

Looks great in here - good job!

Some may recognize me from a few other boards around.

I'm in Toronto and can't wait to get out back on the water in the next few weeks :D Like many others I've got lots of new equipment I'm anxious to use!

Been fishing Lake O. for several years and got the bug REAL bad wihtin' the past 2 years. Came down to the Niagara Pro-Am last year as an observer and also participated as an observer in the Tightlines shoot out and spent the day onboard with a great bunch of dudes - Roy Fletcher and Crew, that was a blast boys I'd go out with y'all any day!

Might even take in a tourney or so in this year but this time as a competitor :D



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