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late nov cottage rental on main lake to hunt divers

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late nov cottage rental on main lake to hunt divers



We are (me and my 3 friends) looking at going after divers in late november beginning of december on lake Ontario. We have the big duck boat and layouts and we are experienced open water guys. But we are looking to rent a cottage near a boat launch and a good area for divers. We are looking at the area near Kingston, Sandbanks and around since we are driving up from Quebec.  We know there is thousands of old squaws among others in that area but just don't know where to start.  Please help me find a spot we can rent at that time of the year that would put us near where the divers want to be..

you can pm me or even easier call me or text me at 819-448-DUCK(3825).

also my e-mail: [email protected] 



Erick Grandbois

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