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Wayne County

wayne Wayne County Fishing Update for September 5, 2017

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Wayne County Fishing Update for September 5, 2017

Written by Chris Kenyon

Lake Ontario- Wayne County fish held their own during the LOC Fall Derby. The Grand Prize 39 pounder was caught last week, straight-out from Sodus Bay. There were also two other kings in the top twenty that came from Wayne County waters.


Almost $40,000 was given away for anglers catching our fish.


Currently, the fishing is great. The LOC is now history, however the kings are still swimming around.


They have been in 70 to 100 feet of water and hitting cut bait, spoons and flasher flies. They are biting the flies, but don’t forget to use the meat rigs.


Riggers are down 50 to 70 feet and dipsys are out 250 feet.


The browns have been closer to shore in 70 feet of water and hitting cut bait.


If you prefer the smaller variety, the perch are schooling 12 to 20 feet of water. They are showing up on the screen as bait pods. Use small grubs (2 inch) with paddle tails. Rig your number four hook 30 inches above the sinker. The gobies really don’t like coming off the bottom.


Bays- All the wake limits have been removed off the bays. Both the north and south end ramps at Port Bay are open.


The holiday is over; however, autumn is the time to do some serious fishing.


The crappies are in Port Bay. They tend to be a little on the small side. Remember there is a 9-inch size regulation for crappies. Use small bright jigs and fish over 10 feet of water, down 4 feet. They usually suspend in the water column.


Check out the rest of the Wayne County Tourism web page for the locations and hours of local bait and tackle shops at  www.waynecountytourism.com.


Erie Canal- Canal fishing was busy over the weekend with largemouth catches near Newark and Palmyra. The bass are on the bite and hitting just about anything you throw them.


This report was written by Chris Kenyon of Wolcott, NY, a regular columnist with the Finger Lakes Times, Sun and Record, Lake Ontario Outdoors and freelance writer with other publications, as well as Recreational Promotional Coordinator for Wayne County Tourism. Chris assists with the Wayne County Youth Derby and other outdoor events. He also takes time to work with the Montezuma Audobon Center on programs involving kids, including their Youth Pheasant Hunt. He is a constant presence at sportsmen's events, shows, and anything involving the outdoors. Kenyon is a tireless advocate for enjoying the outdoors, preserving the environment, and sharing knowledge and skills.

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Anyone know if the smallmouth are still close to shore?   I heard the lake just turned and near shore temp went fro 70 to 48 over the last week.   Just wondering what that will do to the bass....

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