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Introduction! N00b here!

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Introduction! N00b here!

Just wanted to say hello to everyone. I am new to this site. Also rather new to fishing. I am looking to gain some knowledge from you guys. I really only know how to use a worm & bobber. I'd like to learn more lure based techniques and some good shore fishing spots. Last fall I was down by the swing bridge on the pier sitting on a rock with a worm & bobber in the water. I was scratching a birthday in the ground ticket & won $20 bucks. So I went to take my pole out & saw my bobber was pulled under the water. I thought it was a snag til this huge steelhead cane flying out of the water. There was a guy down on the other end with his wife who heard it splash back into the water & he lent me his net so I could get it out & get a picture. I want that feeling again! Took me 15 minutes to reel him in. Now that was all luck. I'd like to learn how to increase my odds of that happening again. Also took my GF fishing for her first time(she's 25 & has never gone!). She got a little sun fish & was so happy. Now shes "hooked" too. Weve gone to ponds in the area using worms and a bobber. Caught some fish at the zoo's pond but nothing crazy. Except I think I got a small-small mouth bass. Anyways. Hope to learn more. I'm adding a pic, idk if it's a small mouth or not so I definitely could be wrong lol. 



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Welcome. Lots of info on this site to sift through. And don't be afraid to ask questions, lots of great people on this site that love fishing and sharing advice. Also, what's your location? It'll help for sharing places to get your line wet. Happy you're here.

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