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New Boat Guy

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Hi all. Long time lurker, first time poster. What a great resource and wealth of knowledge this site is!


I'm in the process of buying a Hewescraft Ocean Pro 220 ET/RT. I live in the Fonda, NY area and we fish many of the Adirondack lakes/reservoirs (George, Champlain, Indian, Sacandaga, Otsego to name a few). We are outfitting the boat to fish these lakes as well as our newest endevour; Ontario.


I had a few questions about rigging, electronics, tackle, etc.. After hanging around the site for a few months, I have even more.  So much to learn. 


To start, I may make a separate post describing the layout/accessories/electronics I have in mind and let you folks tell me if I'm way off base or headed in the right direction.


Thank you ahead of time! 


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Those Hewescraft are awesome boats!! I would suspect it’s a hard top?? Yea once you get more into where, and what you need with pics. Of the boat there’s lots of well seasoned guys on here that would be willing to help you out!! Welcome aboard LOU. 

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