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  1. Garmin Reactor with smart pump. Works beautifully. Quiet, simple. System is two years old and have had no problems. You can literally fish for 17 hours (including motoring between spots) and never have to touch the steering wheel. We've fished in flat calm to 6-7 footers, strong cross/head/tail winds. The only time you'll ever spin is when you unknowingly hit the "standby" button on the remote while kicker is turned full lock.
  2. 6mph will be no problem. Our general rule of thumb is N or NW @ 10mph, plan on 4 to 6 footers. In a very seaworthy, 25' boat, 4 foot seas are about as rough as we can comfortably fish in. 6's just take the fun out of it. I would say in a 19 foot boat, you'll need to be careful about not taking water over the transom in 4s plus.
  3. Last year was our first year on the water and we really started from scratch as far as big water salmon and trout trolling goes. After much research, we bought Ranger Tournament Series nets for a number of reasons. At first I considered the RS nets but for $225 per net, I wouldn't be able to handle the first time it got scratched, bent or stepped on, not to mention accidentally being sent to the bottom in 650 fow. They are also very heavy. They do look great and seem to be made with quality components. The Ranger net is coated and we've yet to have a hook get stuck in the material. The individual holes in the bag are about 5/8" dia and it seems to be very easy on the fish. It also rinses clean very easily with a few aggressive dunks at 2.5 mph. The net bag material and both hoop and handle are strong and durable. You know that low hanging branch on the West side of the parking lot at the Fair Haven state launch? No match for the Ranger Tournament Series net. The handle is octagonal in shape so there is no hunting for the hole (like on a round handled net) in the heat of the moment. You can get the big, telescoping net for about $90 bucks so if you lose it or when you step on it and bend it, it won't hurt as much.
  4. We struggled. Fished Saturday and Sunday. One steelhead 45' down on on a rigger using a standard RV Twoface late morning. Between 6:30 and 7:30 PM we went 3 4 4 on both standard and mag Moonshine Smitty. 40-60' down in 90-110' fow. Marked very few fish and little to no bait. Tried a wide variety of spoon patterns/sizes. Not much interested.
  5. Agree with above. Very generous guy. Certainly "hooked" us up.
  6. I apologize. Reading my post back to myself, it does sound slightly offensive. Not my intent AT ALL! As I've mentioned before, this site is an awesome source of information and I certainly do not want to wear out my welcome!
  7. UPDATE: Brought the boat home and parked her in the garage mid Feb. Since then, we've been working every weekend (and some week nights) rigging the boat. Here's where we're at: -OP 220 Rigid soft top/ET -Honda BF 250/9.9HT (with HD SS tie bar) and HD-4 gauge -Hewes (WhoDat factory) folding fish tower with 6 rocket launchers and net holder -Truck suspension seats, washdown pump, live well, shark hide -Garmin GPSMAP 1242 XSV at helm -Garmin GPSMAP 1042 XSV on RamMount on fish tower for fishing deck -Garmin Reactor 40 Corepack with SmartPump and GHC 20 display -Garmin 210 AIS VHF w 8' antenna -Garmin AP remote -Garmin CV52HW-TM transducer -(Maybe we should buy stock in Garmin) -Trollmaster Pro Troll Pro3+ -3 Scotty HP2116 Downriggers w/15lb Sharks -6 Cannon ratcheting/swiveling rod holders on Cannon tracks -BigJon Planer Rigger mast/reels mounted in bow with double keel Otter Boats -FishHawk X4D -Black Oak 20" Marine Headlight and POD deck light -Flexfire under gunnel LED Strips (White throughout, UV in stern) Hoping to finish this weekend! Pics to come...
  8. Garmin makes several AP systems, including their Reactor 40 Corepack with SmartPump and GHC 20 display. Not sure what you're willing to spend but I think this system and support that comes with it is second to none. In doing quite a bit of research, it sounds like the Lowrance Outboard Pilot is a toy compared to the SmartPump system.
  9. How can I get in touch with "bikinibottom"? I need a 15lb black shark!
  10. How about color? We have 2, 15lb gloss black shark weights and I'm looking to get a third. Should I consider a chromed weight to add variety to the spread?
  11. I'm interested to know if anyone has used the Traxstech planer reels with the integrated pulley (specifically part numbers PR-300 or APR-3000) and what you think. I've been told by one individual that the small pulley made it all but impossible to reel in an Otter Boat.
  12. As some of you may know (from my earlier posts), I am looking to outfit a new Ocean Pro. For those that have been to this show, would it be worth the 5 hour drive for me to attend? My primary interest in going is to potentially save some money on electronics, rod holders, planer riggers/boards, weights, etc.?
  13. Hi all, I am very near to pulling the trigger on a new Ocean Pro 220. We will be using the boat to fish local lakes for walleye, trout and landlocked salmon as well as Ontario for Kings, steelhead, trout and more. I have a pretty good idea of what major components we will rig but I'd like to get input from experienced/knowledgeable people who can tell me what I need/don't. Here goes: BF250 or 225 and BF9.9 high thrust joined with tie bar (Are there better options to control kicker?) Fish tower (factory or Barewest) with 6 rocket launcher rod holders, 2 net holders, radar plate, tabs for deck lights and headlights Lowrance HDS-12 GEN3 with Sonar and Structure scan (considering second 9" unit to mount in the stern) Lowrance Outboard pilot AP with WR10 Remote & BT1 Base Station TROLLMaster Pro2/Pro3/iTroll (Suggestions?) 3x Scotty 2116 HP Riggers 4x Big Jon ratcheting rod holders (very much open to suggestions-vertical trees, Traxstech systems, etc. What works best for plate boats?) Planer rigger - fish tower mounted reels, port & starboard or Dual planer rigger mounted toward bow. Suggestions? Fish Hawk X4 or X4D Lawrence Link-8 VHF with 8' folding antenna Feel free to agree with or tear my list apart. You won't hurt my feelings and I am always happy to learn! I greatly appreciate the input!
  14. Hi all. Long time lurker, first time poster. What a great resource and wealth of knowledge this site is! I'm in the process of buying a Hewescraft Ocean Pro 220 ET/RT. I live in the Fonda, NY area and we fish many of the Adirondack lakes/reservoirs (George, Champlain, Indian, Sacandaga, Otsego to name a few). We are outfitting the boat to fish these lakes as well as our newest endevour; Ontario. I had a few questions about rigging, electronics, tackle, etc.. After hanging around the site for a few months, I have even more. So much to learn. To start, I may make a separate post describing the layout/accessories/electronics I have in mind and let you folks tell me if I'm way off base or headed in the right direction. Thank you ahead of time! Josh
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