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  1. As some of you may know (from my earlier posts), I am looking to outfit a new Ocean Pro. For those that have been to this show, would it be worth the 5 hour drive for me to attend? My primary interest in going is to potentially save some money on electronics, rod holders, planer riggers/boards, weights, etc.?
  2. New Hewescraft OP220 ET/RT

    Hi all, I am very near to pulling the trigger on a new Ocean Pro 220. We will be using the boat to fish local lakes for walleye, trout and landlocked salmon as well as Ontario for Kings, steelhead, trout and more. I have a pretty good idea of what major components we will rig but I'd like to get input from experienced/knowledgeable people who can tell me what I need/don't. Here goes: BF250 or 225 and BF9.9 high thrust joined with tie bar (Are there better options to control kicker?) Fish tower (factory or Barewest) with 6 rocket launcher rod holders, 2 net holders, radar plate, tabs for deck lights and headlights Lowrance HDS-12 GEN3 with Sonar and Structure scan (considering second 9" unit to mount in the stern) Lowrance Outboard pilot AP with WR10 Remote & BT1 Base Station TROLLMaster Pro2/Pro3/iTroll (Suggestions?) 3x Scotty 2116 HP Riggers 4x Big Jon ratcheting rod holders (very much open to suggestions-vertical trees, Traxstech systems, etc. What works best for plate boats?) Planer rigger - fish tower mounted reels, port & starboard or Dual planer rigger mounted toward bow. Suggestions? Fish Hawk X4 or X4D Lawrence Link-8 VHF with 8' folding antenna Feel free to agree with or tear my list apart. You won't hurt my feelings and I am always happy to learn! I greatly appreciate the input!
  3. New Boat Guy

    Hi all. Long time lurker, first time poster. What a great resource and wealth of knowledge this site is! I'm in the process of buying a Hewescraft Ocean Pro 220 ET/RT. I live in the Fonda, NY area and we fish many of the Adirondack lakes/reservoirs (George, Champlain, Indian, Sacandaga, Otsego to name a few). We are outfitting the boat to fish these lakes as well as our newest endevour; Ontario. I had a few questions about rigging, electronics, tackle, etc.. After hanging around the site for a few months, I have even more. So much to learn. To start, I may make a separate post describing the layout/accessories/electronics I have in mind and let you folks tell me if I'm way off base or headed in the right direction. Thank you ahead of time! Josh