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Frabill I-Float bibs and jacket…first float suit purchase any experience with it and reviews???

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Just purchased my first ice fishing suit. I Bought the Frabill I-Float bibs and Jacket due to the added safety.. I normally wear an xl in bibs and jacket but the xl was a little too small probably due to the float material. Does anyone have any experience with these or any reviews? Would this outfit pass for a legal life jacket on a boat in NY during the winter and spring season??? Thanks for the replies


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I have the suit and while it will be stiff at first, it will loosen up the longer you wear it. It is very warm (does not breathe due to the foam material) so if you are gong to be doing any amount of walking and dragging gear you will heat up fast! The jacket does pass as a PFD, so wearing the jacket does take the place for a life jacket in a boat in the cold months. 

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