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Niagara Fishing Show - Dan Keating Clinic

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Learn from Dan Keating, one of the top Captains on the Great Lakes, on how to successfully fish for trophy deep Kings at the Greater Niagara Fishing & Outdoor Expo.



Sunday, January 21st – 12pm – 1:30pm | Walleye Trolling Room 
Free Tickets to the first 100 who sign up at the Magnum Metalz booth #49


     Most big water anglers are intimidated by the thought of heading offshore and targeting deep water for trophy kings. But Kings often make horizontal movements out to deep water. Dan Keating has been chartering since 1983 and has pioneered many of the techniques used to catch deep cruising fish. Learn to recognize what seasonal conditions and weather patterns drive kings deep and how to locate deep, open water fish.

     Success begins by using the right tackle and this seminar we will examine cutting edge high-speed downriggers and the newest weights required to effectively troll deep. While downriggers are the tool of choice for probing the depths, we will look at how to add copper and Torpedoes off side planers. Dan will also teach you practical methods to deploy gear and minimize tangles. Learn which lures, bait and attractors will draw maximum attention and trigger strikes in the dark depths of the water column. Captain Keating will discuss the impact of currents on fish locations and how wave action and subsurface currents impact a deep spread and lure speeds. Dan will also address how to weave multi-species rigs for steelhead and coho into the upper layers of the water column without interfering with your deep king spread.


     Learning how to locate and target deep kings will turn many slow days into a huge success and you may just win a pile of cash next summer in one of Lake O’s tournaments! This Clinic is presented by Magnum Metalz.

Those signing up for the clinic on Friday or Saturday at the Show will be given a complimentary re-admission pass to enter the Show on Sunday for the clinic.

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