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Field & Stream Guide/Charter Event - March 17th

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For those that have heard about and seen the new Koyote Ugly Spoons Inc flashers, the first retail store to have them in stock in NY will be Field & Stream in Henrietta on March 17th. They are hosting a Guide/Charter Day and unveiling the new line-up of Koyote Ugly flashers and spoons to the market. Simulator tested and designed, painted like no other flasher on the market, these flashers are going to produce! Here is just a sample of some of the available designs (14 of the 27 designs) under normal light, then under UV light... Yeah, they're sha-weet! More to come - stay tuned!!
If you are a charter captain/guide and would like to gain not only some great exposure, but would also like to make some great connections and network at the event, please contact me via PM or call the Field & Stream store and ask for Kyle Jenner.

KU Flashers-1.jpg

KU Flashers-2.jpg

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Very unique looking to say the least, definitely one of a kind!! I can see why if your the lucky guy to swim these virgin in appearance flashers you’ll be the new bully on the street.LOL!!! I’d be interested in the new style spoons!! Thanks for sharing!!

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