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Gill-T Venison

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So good I had to share. 


Step 1:  Kill a deer

Ingredients you will need:

• venison blackstrap or tenderloin 

• CABELAS open season steak rub or equivalent 

• bag of wegmans frozen green beans and shallots 

• olive oil

• butter or margarine 

Step 2: bring nonstick frying pan to heat at medium-high temp and add bag of beans, a tablespoon of olive oil and spoonful of butter or margarine. Cook for a few minutes. 

Step 3: place rub sparingly onto meat and sear in hot pan for approx 12-15 seconds per side. 

Step 4: move pan to another burner set on “warm” setting (low heat), cover meat with the beans and place a cover over the pan. Flip once. Check pinkness of meat by cutting. As with any venison, don’t over cook. 


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