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Lake O Championship Updated Standings after Event 1

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5/4/18: The Lake O series kicked off in St. Caths' at the spring KOTL. Over 60 teams competed in this years event and it went very well except Mother Nature denied us on Day 2 with big winds, snow and cold temps from the NW. That makes 3 years in a row this event turned into a one day shootout. Congrats to Silver Junkies for winning the event followed by Two Fish and Vision Quest. Reel Excitement finished 5th and Oh Baby 41st. Oh Baby, VQ, Reel Excite and Silv J were all entered at the time this event took place and these are the 4 teams currently in DI as of this writing.

Fishing was pretty tough there as only 12 out of 63 took their 5 fish boxes to the scales. Last year, it was a shootout with many 12 fish boxes. Every year is a different gig, that for sure.

Next event will be the Wilson Harbor Invitational on May 19th. Teams must enter by 11:59pm on May 18th to enter and must choose all their events (except second chance) by then.


Just a reminder, this year DI pays $5,000 guaranteed and DII $2,500.00.

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