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Cayuga Helpful Hints

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We will be staying on Cayuga in 2 weeks very close to the Hibiscus Harbor marina.  I wanted to do some lake fishing/trolling but I have no idea where to start.  We have an older StarCraft American 20 and its equipped with a Humming Bird GPS/Fishfinder.  I have a number of freshwater poles and 2 trolling poles with Penn reels.  Could you guys point me in the right direction for Lake trout or Salmon??  I would like to know what kinds of lures / baits (pictures would be most helpful) to use for this type of open lake fishing.  What water depth should I head for and which side of the lake would most likely produce more action?   I most likely will be fishing in the early am or at dusk.  Any help you can give this newbie would be most welcome.


Take care and enjoy this beautiful summer so far.



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