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Niagara Fishing Show - Trout & Salmon

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If you enjoy fishing the open waters of Lake Ontario for Trout & Salmon, you won't want to miss this show. Talk with the most of the major Lake Ontario fishing gear manufacturers and stock up for your 2019 season by taking advantage of the "show pricing" provided by the Retailers in attendance.   In addition to the Salmon School which is sold out, the Show will provide 3 days of intense Trout & Salmon information including:


SEMINARS                                                   PRESENTER

Spring Brown Trout Techniques for the small Boat angler


Lucas Falkner


Spring Kings "At the Bar" , 2018 Recap


Bob Songin


Integrating Cut Bait into your spread to target big Kings


Mike Lavender


Rigging & Running Cut Bait 101


Tim Thomas


"Scratching the Competitive Itch" an intro into Tournament Fishing


Mark Penner


Meat-Rigging Mechanics: Concepts and Advanced Strategies for King Salmon"


Rich Mathews


For the Love of Copper - Put more Kings in your Boat this year


Rob Wescott


 Fishing the Full Moon for Salmon


Matthew Swaire


Summertime Kings on the North Shore


Scotty Richardson


The "Keys" to consistently catching Kings on Lake Ontario


Vince Pierleoni


Summertime Kings "At the Oak", 2018 Recap


 Bob Songin


 You can check out the details of the Show at www.niagarafishingexpo.com



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