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Sold / Closed Wolverine Silver Streak Spoon Collection - Standard & Magnum Sizes

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I've got (9) lots of standard size Silver Streak salmon spoons and (8) lots of Magnum size Silver Streak salmon spoons

up for sale.    There's a total of 211 standard size spoons and 165 Mag spoons in the collection.     Many of these spoons

have been doctored up to create something a little different from the standard presentation provided by Wolverine.     They have

been hard and fast steady producers in the Great Lakes for years.     I used to be a charter boat captain, and I've given that

up and decided I don't need 12 of everything any longer.    I'm looking for $45 a lot, but would really prefer to just sell the entire 

collection to one individual as opposed to packaging everything and shipping it all individually per lot.   So I'll discount my lot 

price down to $40 a lot, or $680.00 for the entire collection.   That's about $1.80 a spoon.   This is a great deal for someone who

is just starting out and trying to establish a large collection of spoons to choose from.     

Standard Spoons Group 1.jpg

Standard Spoons Group 2.jpg

Magnum Spoons Group 1.jpg

Magnum Spoons Group 2.jpg

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