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for sale : usa Trolling spoon blanks

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I have a bunch of spoon blanks for sale. Minimum of 50 per order and $5 shipping in the US. The painted blanks are both sides painted. The pictures show the size and quantity. The off white color is glow in the dark. Great for spring browns and finger lakes just add tape paint and hook and ring. A fraction of the cost of store bought. 3-1/4” -.95 each. 2-5/8 - .75 each. 2-1/2”- .40 each. 2-1/4”. .40 each. Can also meet at bass pro or someplace in Auburn to save shipping. Also will be listing more. Thanks   Also plain unfinished brass are $20 per 100. FD8FB6BC-7AFA-4501-9CF1-94A343E8D9C6.thumb.jpeg.81e3ba93abed90c1351c307d71db4b65.jpeg54C1CB7B-5760-435D-BB11-FE0B09BD5622.thumb.jpeg.0c857942e3dc0b9e950b861c7cd51ba6.jpeg9CC4E912-F3D6-4782-8F4F-82C419D43F92.thumb.jpeg.f7c9f5163f47acc92451ea5c63460733.jpeg82A2A88A-E88F-4271-827F-525282F9814A.thumb.jpeg.0f3c9e0b4689db6a00ecaf5edee64c49.jpegB42DE81F-A4A2-4AE2-9C4D-6B4FCC85E8FE.thumb.jpeg.3748ac9792cc14b2e08dd4c1ac7132e8.jpeg


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