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Daiwa Accudepth 47 LCB

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I bought 4 of these new this year 2 for riggers and 2 for leadcore. The two i just recently got for rigger rods are giving me trouble. I loaded them with 50 lb braid and 15 lb Big Game for a leader. The first trip out I had almost no drag with one of them. Yesterday I had almost no drag with both and no clicker while they were creeping out line. So bad I could not begin to load the rods. I messed with them and had a slight improvement of maybe 1.5-2 lbs of drag max. I went into my shop this morning to remove the line and return the reels.But, this morning both reels seeded to work fine. I am planing a trip to Lake O in August. I will try them again but I dont want any issues returning these if I drag my feet. I also am concerned they may not work properly when I go on my trip.

Have any of you had issues with new Accudepth reels? 

I did find a site that sells upgraded drag washers but I am reluctant to tear these new reels apart and chance voiding the warrentee 

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2 minutes ago, kayaker919 said:

Sounds like your braid might be slipping in the spool. Did you use tape, mono backing, or other technique to better secure braid to spool?

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I think your right that does sound like the problem now that you mention it. And no I did not put tape or mono backing. My bad

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