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GLSE DII overall update

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DI was cancelled this year due to some of the listed events being cancelled and low participation expected.

Canadian DI and DII was cancelled because there was not going to be the 3 events required due to K of K June and Spring KOTL being cancelled with no US/CND travel allowed.


Both will resume in 2021


Here is the update for DI which was a free event.  The Big Boys Oak was added in place of the Aug K of K and the Oak Labor Day event will be added in place of the Fall KOTL due to USA citizens not allowed to travel to CND.


If anyone sees any discrepancies with their scores, please let us know.


Squirrelly is in the lead with  Screamer in runner up position. 


http://greatlakesspecialevents.com/forms/2020 LOCS D2.pdf



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