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Sold / Closed Lucky Craft - Pointer 95 SPs

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Purchased a quantity of these recently, did not realize I already have a large quantity on hand.  My stupidity is your gain.   There are 8 colors: 

Top Row  L-R in photos:Flake Happy Gill, Nasty BG, Chartreuse Shad, Sexy Chartreuse Shad

Bottom Row L-R:   Bone Pro Blue, NC Shell White, OR Tennessee Shad, Pineapple Shad. 


I have at least 6 of each color in stock. These are a silent jerkbait, have had good success casting these as well as trolling (walleye/pike,, etc.)


+ shipping or buy 4 and shipping is included.  If you want a bulk purchase, PM me and we can talk.  If you are a lure painter, PM me and we can discuss trades as well.Thanks for looking!


Have a bunch of other LC lures around, if you are looking for something specific.  Thanks.


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Okay folks, looked in my lure storage area, I have a ridiculous amount of lures that need to go.  Mainly Rapala, Lucky Craft, some Salmo, and other miscellaneous (Norman, etc.).  I would prefer not to have them all up at one time, but let me know what you are looking for and I will see if I have it. 


Along those lines, I will also trade lures for boat equipment (rod trees, even a boat :-)).  Feel free to make offers via PM, will keep lures here for a week or so, then move to an auction or back to storage.


Thanks for looking.

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