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Well, all I can say is that we got to wet our lines. The river was high and muddy. We fished for almost 3 hours and never hooked a fish. My cousin ahd a hit on a white bucktail tipped with a worm. Wrner's nephew Matt said he had a couple of hits on a jig also. We saw 4 fish landed up closer to the locks in the slower water. they were small rainbows, and 1 walleye. The guys were using egg sacs for the trout. I am hoping to get up there maybe Thursday, but I may use that day and work on the boat. the good times are coming, it need to warm a little more and then the bait will move in. I took the wife to Rudy's for lunch and the shoreline all the way from the harbor past Rudy's was covered with 12-15' high ice banks. It is going to be a good brown year. Good Luck if you get out. Jeff, it was nice to see you again, you did not miss anything after you left.


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Rich at least you got to wet a line :lol: I met Brad yesterday at a winni gathering It was good to meet him finely And he is only a little ways down the road from me so maybe we can get together for some winni fishing.Did you get the GPS yet?I have to wait to pull my boat out of my back yard the ground is to soft I will make my own grand canyon.Then I would have to stock it with fish and stuff :P:P so I will wait until the ground hardens up.Hope all is well with the family.I will give you a call this week have a great day.

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