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On 2/22/2021 at 5:34 AM, Stumpy said:

Okay I read For the Love of Copper Twice now, but this discussion prompted another question.  Why are many in favor of in line boards rather than conventional pole mounted ones? 

Just my opinion. 
I don’t like big boards. Used them on my trophy and had one dive on me.  Thought it was gonna take the mast with it:lol:  spent hrs untangling stuff while everyone around me was filling there boxes.   I’m a rookie with boards and still learning.  When I bought my baha I went fishing on it with Capt. Jay and he was runnin inlines with 3 copper per side. My  baha has planer reels but after seeing how easy the inlines were, I went out and bought a few. 
   I thought they would be a pain having to detch them and reeling  them in but there really not

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