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Hi all,


Great site here. After lurking a bit I figure it's time to sign up. I have a Stanley Mink Dual Console (welded aluminum, 18ft) on the way for this spring, going to be fitted with a 115 yamaha. Idea is to do some fishing and island exploring on north-eastern Lake Ontario off Prince Edward County, Ontario, Canada. My plan is to set it up with a six rod spread, and spend a few years figuring out how to catch fish with that. Will mostly be on the more sheltered big bays, but will take it out on the open lake when the extended forecast is good (been here long enough to see how angry LO can get). Fantastic information in the existing topics/threads that have already answered a lot of my questions, so thanks all for that. Am wondering about a kicker for the Mink DC, so am heading over to this old boat now.



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