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As everyone gets ready to put their boat in the water, I want to inform you that the LOTSA Tournament sign up is live. The dates are Friday July 15 and Saturday July 16th with Sunday the 17th planned as our “Bad Weather” day if Saturday’s Tournaments are canceled. To better accommodate the large number of boats fishing it, we have moved our Saturday Picnic and Weigh In from the outdoor pavilion at Krull Park to a much larger indoor facility at the Olcott Fire Hall less than a 5-minute drive from the Harbor. The Curt tournament (Friday) weigh in will still be at the pavilion at the Newfane Marina. When you sign up, you must sign up for each tournament individually. Also, if you are attending the picnic you must sign up for how many people from your boat are attending. With this tournament growing as rapidly as it has, we have capped the number of boats to 60 this year. This will allow the club to provide a top notch tournament to the membership. Make sure you sign up soon so you don't miss out!   

Top picture is Team STREAKER, winners of the 2021 LOTSA TOURNAMENT. Bottom  picture is Team MEAN MACHINE which were the 2021 winners of the Curt and 323 Tournament.



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Hi LOTSA members. Just a reminder to sign up for the LOTSA, Curt, 323 tournaments and picnic. This year we capped the tournament at 60 boats so make sure you don't wait till the end to sign up. We were just shy of 60 boats last year and we are anticipating getting the full 60 this year. Please sign up and enjoy this fun tournament!

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LOTSA Members, the tournament is a little over a week away. But sign ups for the tournaments CLOSE on Tuesday July 12th. Normally we get a bunch of sign ups from now till the end of registration. We are capped at 60 boats this year so please sign up ASAP! This year we have an additional prize valued at over $600 for the Friday Curt tournament. But you must be signed up for the Niagara Fish Odyssey to be eligible for this prize. The fishing is getting better everyday. Please get signed up and enjoy these fun tournaments, raffle and picnic!!

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LOTSA Tournament Participants,

To start, I want to thank everyone who came out this weekend, fished our tournaments and came to the picnic. The success can be attributed to all of those who come out year after year to participate and support the club. The tournament continues to grow every year and this year we hit our 60 boat cap! It is exciting to see that word has gotten out on how great this tournament is. For the club to provide the quality tournament that we have, so many pieces are needed. I want to first thank the sponsors that allow this tournament to be what it is. Without having them, we would never be able to provide what we do for our members. I know it was a tough year for our sponsors to get product to sell, let alone donate, but so many stepped up this year and I can't thank you enough. I would like to recognize the following sponsors: Dreamweaver, Traxstech, Warrior Lures, Musselhead Tackle, Torpedo Fishing Products, Scotty, FishUSA, Fish Thief, Finn Tackle Company, Moonshine Lures, CMe Trolling, Jim Gallagher (donation of 12'' Simrad Graph and transducer), Town of Newfane Marina, The Boat Doctors, Niagara Fish Odyssey and Old Fort Niagara. Please support these sponsors whenever possible, just like they do for us. The next group I want to thank is everyone who helped the tournament run smoothly. It takes a lot of volunteers to run a 60 boat tournament and I would like them to be recognized. I would like to thank our president, Joe Yaegar, for all the help and support he has given this tournament. Joe puts in a lot of time and effort in the background to help our tournament stay organized. I would like to thank Doug Parker, Doug Parker Jr and Marc Dunn for helping check-in coolers. The check-in process was very quick and organized. Also, thanks to Doug Jr. for lifting the weigh basket on the scale with the assistance of Trevor Ellis and Joe Ellis. Another thanks to Steve Olay for heading up the food bank to come collect salmon fillets for the Friday Curt tournament. His assistant cutters, Kevin Flarehty and John Ellis, did a great job. Next is Alan Sauerland for getting everything set with the marina for our weigh-in on Friday and for storage. Thanks to Anthony Ellis for providing the grill that allowed us to have hot dogs at the Curt tournament. To the ladies, Rose Polovick and Cathy Sheldon for setting up the food for Curt tournament, cooking the hot dogs and setting up raffle prizes. I would like to thank Marc Dunn for cutting all the checks to the winners and club expenses this weekend. It is a very important job and I think the check winners would agree! A big thanks to Marty Polovick for the generator to run our weigh-in on Friday. Marty also helped with multiple other things for both tournament days. To our photographer, Vic Rowcliffe, for capturing all our moments on both days. To our 50/50 and raffle ticket sellers, Scott Rohe, Steve Willms, and Gregg Wiacek. The guys did a great job this year, as they always do. And lastly, to Kyle Hovack for taking care of the ‘tech’ side. Kyle has the job of creating a 60 plus text message group, tournament spreadsheet and entering and organizing the scores of the boxes. I also want to thank all the members that offered help when we were setting up. Thanks to everyone for your hard work and I hope I didn't miss anyone who helped. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and we'll see you next year!!
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